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The Two Sides of Product Marketing
Photo by  Carl Heyerdahl  on  Unsplash .

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash.

One of the things I enjoy most about product marketing is that it sits at the busiest and most exciting intersection of a company. I love being close to the technology and the smart people who design and build products. I also enjoy spending time with the salespeople and sales engineers who are out hustling every day to turn product capabilities into revenue. And the most rewarding days are when I get to interact directly with customers and spend time connecting the dots between business problems and product value.

That’s the good.

But the truth is that product marketing is a thankless job most days. Even when you’re good at it and manage your time well, you end up disappointing people a lot. The downside of living at a busy intersection is that you’re pulled in many directions. Good ideas and legitimate requests from your team come at you quickly. But executing those ideas requires time and focus. And most product marketers have a hard time finding either of those things most days.

You can look at each individual tug on your shirt and defend it as valid and important to your company. But, collectively, these tugs defocus you and prevent you from getting into the flow state required to do your best product marketing work.

It was that realization that led me to start Axalane. The idea is that a small team with the technical aptitude to truly understand your product, a diverse toolbox of marketing skills, and a high degree of focus on your most important deliverables can help your product marketing team excel and stay two steps ahead of what your organization needs from you. Some weeks, it may be something tactical like delivering that customer case study you’ve been trying to get to for a couple of months. Other times, it may be a more strategic need like refreshing your product messaging architecture or developing a new pricing model.

Sound interesting?

Let’s find a small project that’s important to you to get to know each other with. The first 30 minutes of help are free.